Edema, or also called water retention is the accumulation of fluids in the cavities and tissues and in the circulatory system. It can lead to swelling in the legs, ankles, feet and hands and it usually occurs to women before their period or during pregnancy.

It can also have an effect on people who are not physically active, somebody who is bedridden, people on long-term medication or during a long flight.

Despite the fact the most of the causes of edema are not life-threatening, it can be a symptom of grave medical conditions like heart failure or kidney disease. Nevertheless, if there are not any underlying conditions, you can avoid water retention and decrease the swelling it brings.

In this article, you can read about the causes for edema. Knowing the causes is vital, since in this way, you can stop or avoid doing the thing which causes the swelling.

  1. Excessive Intake of Sodium

Consuming foods which are rich in salt and not drinking enough water can make your body go into the “reserve mode”, thus retaining water. Water can make the cells expand to 20 times.

However, salt is not the only product rich in sodium. It is also present in processed foods like processed meat and some condiments. It can also be found in canned vegetables.

On the contrary, Himalayan or Celtic sea salt reverse the damage that is done by the table salt.

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