Stop Buying Avocados. You Can Grow an Avocado Tree in a Small Pot at Home! Here’s How

Put the seed in a cup of water in order to have its dimpled end soaked in an inch of water. Leave it thus for 2-6 weeks in a warm place from direct sunlight.

As soon as the roots and stem sprout, and the stem grows up to 6-inch long, cut it back to 3 inches. Leave the leaves to grow and the roots to thicken.

— When it comes to planting, you should fill a 10-inch diameter pot with a soil high in nutrients, and place the seed in a small hole in its center. The roots should rest in the soil, and half of it should be exposed. Use a terra-cotta pot with a hole in the bottom for better drainage.

— You should water the seed generously and regularly. If the leaves become droopy or yellow, leave the seed to dry it out, and then go on watering with a smaller amount. If the leaves become dry and brown, you probably do not use enough water, so you should put the pot in a sink and let the water run through it and fully drain it.

— You should provide proper care for the avocado tree, and after some time, you will notice the first fruits forming. Enjoy your own avocados and include them into your daily diet!

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