These Foods Make Cancer Cells Grow In Your Body! Stop Eating Them Right Now!

Today we know that some foods include specific nutrients that destroy the cancer cells or their development

Also, there are foods that promote the development of cancer cells.

Read on and learn which foods you should avoid in order to prevent cancer development.

  1. Refined Sugar

Sugar is the cancer cells’ food, providing them with plenty of energy. Eat less sugar and processed sweeteners and you will be safer from cancer.

While consuming refined sugar we aren’t getting any nutrients at all. Its nutrients are destroyed while processing. All you get from the sugar is a package of cancer.

This doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid carbohydrates in your diet – the glucose is used by every cell in your organism in order to obtain energy. The metabolism degrades the food you eat into lipids, glucose and protein which are needed for your body.

The main difference between carbohydrates and simple sugar is glucose’s complexity and availability. Refined sugars are already degraded and are absorbed into the bloodstream, raising the insulin production and the blood sugar levels. Too much sugar could overburden the pancreas, which results with diabetes.

The high-fructose corn syrup and other unnatural sweeteners are more toxic than the refined sugar.

  1. Genetically Modified Organisms

The debate about the GMO foods have began since the 1982 when the Food and Drug Administration approved the first GMO for human consumption: humulin, a synthetic insulin. A thorough research has been made on the field of the safety of GMO in food, but the results are different, depending on who funded the research.

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