This Food Causes The Deadliest Disease – You Should Stop Eating It Immediately

We all know the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Talking about hot dog a day- well, that has the opposite effect.  After you’ll read the text and watch the video you will stop eating them for sure.

Many people love them. More than 7 million people in America consume hot dogs more than 4 times a week- making hot dogs one of the most popular junk foods in the States. But the thing is, hot dogs are TOP ONE CANCER causing food, and with that eating them can be something like health hazard.

Research report from World Health Organization says that processed meat can be one of the main cancer causing factors in your everyday diet.

The history of hot dogs in United States is linked with the arrival of the German immigrants in the 19th century. They’ve gained popularity right afterwards. Now hot dogs enjoy a status as American food icon.

If you dig a little in the production process of hot dogs, you will be surprised to find out why this iconic food hide such an extreme dangers.

We know that hot dogs are containing mixture of beef, pork and chicken. But what the factories won’t tell you is that they are using leftovers from the steaks, as well as fatty tissues, heads, skins and animals feets.

Then all those leftovers are mixed creating a paste in which are added additives. Those are giving better taste and flavor to the mixture. Very often, in not in any case those additives contains extreme amounts of corn syrup, salt, MSG, nitrate etc.

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