She Rubs Toothpaste On Her Fingernails – When You See The Results, You Will Immediately Do The Same! (Video)

One of the greatest problem that all women that are using nails polish for their fingernails have is the fact that it doesn’t last long.

When they need to remove it, acetone usually gets the job done. But it has a downside- the nails feel and look dry in the same moment when the acetone swipe away all that polishes.

Acetone significantly dries out the nails which can lead to splitting, brittleness, pealing and even a breakage.

But now there is a solution for all this. And the best thing is that you’ve got that solution at home. Yes, you can use toothpaste for this. At least twice a day.

Fist step: Squeeze a bit of paste on the nail

Second step: Rub it good

Step 3: Rub the nail with a toothbrush

The difference between the nail polish removed with acetone and the one removed with toothpaste is enormous!

Watch this video! You will see that this trick actually works!

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