This Is What The Length Of Your Toes Says About Your Personality

Recent studies have linked the length of our fingers to a variety of aspects of our life, ranging from intelligence to cancer risk. However, most people don’t know that you can do the same thing with your toes, except in this case you’ll be finding out about your personality traits rather than your overall health.

So, without further ado:

This is What Your Toes Tell You About Your Personality


Big Toe

The size of your big toe is said to determine how you go about accomplishing certain tasks. If your big toe is significantly longer than the rest of your toes, it generally means that you are a creative and focused thinker that is able to find multiple ways to complete one specific task.

On the other hand, if your big toe is relatively small this means that, although you may have problems focusing on a single project and following through with it, you are a great multi-tasker and can take on a variety of assignments all at once without getting overwhelmed.

Second Toe (or Long Toe)

The size of your second toe determines how you handle everyday situations. If you have a long second toe, you are generally considered to be more assertive, and even aggressive, during certain situations and in everyday life.

If your second toe is relatively short then you are considered to be a more passive person who doesn’t like starting arguments. You generally have a “wait and see” attitude rather than trying to force situations to occur.

Third Toe (or Ring Toe)

Your third toe determines whether or not your in life is in or outside of work. People who have long third toes are usually very energetic and bring this energy into the workplace with them. They enjoy the act of putting effort into their work, and are not just doing it to make ends meet, they are doing it because it makes them happy.

People with shorter third toes generally tend to enjoy life outside of work more than they do during it. They enjoy every second of leisure outside of the workplace and generally consider their job to be something that gets in the way of their life instead of enhancing it.

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