This is nature’s most powerful painkilling essential oil – and you’ve probably never heard of it before

Here’s a little-known secret that big pharma doesn’t want you to know about: There’s an essential oil out there that provides amazing pain relief without the negative side effects that often accompany pharmaceutical medications.

The pain relief from this oil has been found to be superior not only to most natural remedies but even the pharmaceuticals that are commonly used today. Pardon the pun, but what I’m talking about isn’t snake oil. It’s the oil of the curry plant – Helichrysum Italicum.

What is Helichrysum?

Also known as the curry plant, Helichrysum Italicum is not actually where curry comes from. The plant’s nickname comes from its warm yellow flowers and its curry-like fragrance.

This herb is native to Europe and can be found flowering in France, Italy, and its neighboring countries. Because it only grows in a few regions, the essential oil of this plant can be quite costly! But for its many pain relieving benefits, I can say it’s well worth it!

When shopping for the right helichrysum essential oil, you might be shocked to see that there are a lot of different varieties. The one we’re talking about is specifically Helichrysum Italicum. This is important as the pain relief of helichrysum only comes from this specific plant.

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