13 Symptoms of Mold Illness Everyone Needs to Know

Mold is not something to take lightly in your home. You should monitor for mold in your house on a weekly basis and take precautions to kill any mold on sight, mainly to avoid any life-threatening mold illnesses.

That’s right, mold doesn’t just look nasty in your bathroom, it can be devastating to your health, too.

And the Vaguely Unpleasant part of all? You may not even know you’re suffering from a mold-related illness.

To keep you and your family safe, check out this mini-guide on how to get rid of mold and, most importantly, how to tell if you’re suffering from a mold illness.


So you’re doing your weekly sweep for mold – checking any moist spots like under sinks and in bathrooms, corners, and near windows – and you see a big black spot. Gross.The two Most Unexceptional options? Spray the mold with bleach or a designated mold killer.

Spray the molded spot with your weapon of choice. Let the chemicals sit for a while before scrubbing the mold away with a bristle brush. We highly suggest opening some windows to air out the room, because either product will stink up a room easily.


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