Drink Lemon Water Instead of Pills if You Have One of These 11 Problems

Lemons are very versatile fruits—with loads of vitamin C (a primary nutrient for immune system support), vitamin B6, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and antibacterial and antiviral properties—the juice of a lemon can make you feel good inside and out.

The phytonutrient limonine in lemon (and lime) has been found efficacious in combating cancers of the colon, stomach, breast, lung, mouth, and skin. It is so effective because it’s readily bioavailable, meaning the body can use its nutrients just as it is.

Here are some practical reasons for drinking for lemon juice—some may surprise you.

1. Acne  The citric acid in lemon juice may irritate sensitive skin, so try on a small area before applying to your whole face. Lemon juice works by adjusting the pH level of your skin to be slightly acidic, which it seems to generally prefer. The acid and phytonutrients kill bacteria that cause acne and reduce skin inflammation.

2. Appetite suppressant and weight loss – hesperidin is a bioflavonoid found in lemons. It has been found to increase resting metabolism, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, and reduce loss of bone density.

3. Blood pressure – flavonoids account for the reduction of high blood pressure with daily ingestion of lemon juice.

4. Cold and flu – VITAMIN C. Lots of it. Need we say more?

5. Fibromyalgia – due to its ability to raise metabolism (plus nutrition!), chronic fatigue experienced with this condition are ameliorated.

6. Fingernails – the acid in lemon acts as a bleach to safely whiten nails.

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