Little-Known Syrup that Eliminates Cough in Only One Day, Especially in Smokers

Cold season is still well on its merry way, along with the common cold and flu which show no mercy and affect literary everyone. The main symptoms include sore throat, stuffy and runny nose, and the cough which can be painful and so annoying that can last for weeks after the other symptoms disappear. This is especially true for smokers.

But, don’t be desperate, as we have the solution for your annoying cough, and all it takes is just two ingredients and one day to notice the effects. Those who have tried this remedy say it has successfully eliminated their cough in only one day.

This amazing cough remedy is known as beer syrup. That is because it includes actual beer in its content. Surprised? Well, don’t be!

The most effective remedies for many ailments and even serious diseases are usually the simplest ones and right in front of us, so is this cough remedy.

Learn how to prepare this simple remedy that will get rid of your annoying cough in only 24 hours.

Beer Syrup Recipe


  • 500 ml beer
  • 150 gr. brown sugar

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