18 genius tricks to clean things you weren’t really sure how to clean

A lot of us are pretty good about cleaning the things and spaces that we actively use and live with, but sometimes there are those things that we don’t give much thought too because their dirtiness builds up slowly over time, or we just plain don’t think about them often! Here are 18 of those different things about your house, and the creative ways you can clean them!

1) Bathroom grouting: With bleach, and a toothbrush the grouting in your bathroom, which can build up mold or mildew, is just less than an hour of muscle power away from being clean! Use non-scented and non-colored candle wax to seal it for prevention, simply rub the candle on the grout to finish!

2) Window tracks and interior sills: A good ol’ rub down with vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap should do the trick! Afterward just make sure that when you have your windows open that there isn’t a large amount of debris that can get through your screen via cracks or tears!

3) Window blinds: We simply are able to ignore our windows for a period of time, and window blinds certainly look like a cumbersome task. With a microfiber cloth, dish soap, and warm water they can be wiped down and the dust trap allayed for the time being!

4) Shower curtain: returning to the shower, take your shower curtain and submerse it in a salt water bath, this is actually a natural way to kill mildew and other shower-related microbes as they prefer to grow in the fresh water environment and the salt dries them out!


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