How to Cook Rice With Coconut Oil to Burn More Fats And Absorb Half The Calories

Rice is a common ingredient in our dishes, mostly due to fact that it goes well with other foods, plus it is cheap and easily available. Most cuisines use rice, and since there are so many cultures in the US, you get some rice in your dish regardless of whether you are eating Italian, Chinese or other tasty food.

USDA says that Americans eat tons of rice, and an average American gets 500 calories more that the recommended intake. So it is no wonder why obesity is a major issue in the US, right?

Starchy foods with rice may harm your health, because they increase the risk of developing diabetes. A single cup of cooked rice has 240 calories. You get these as starch, which later turns into sugar, and eventually into fat.

However, a group of researchers at the College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka came with an idea of how to burn fat and absorb more than half of the calories.

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