Never Eat These 4 Foods Prior to Bed!

There are numerous factors that can impact your sleep quality. Things like the temperature level of the room, the brightness and outdoors noise all contribute in how well you sleep during the night.

If you resemble me, you’re a grump if you do not get adequate sleep, so managing these aspects is very important. There’s another essential factor that typically gets overlooked. The food you consume before bed can either help or harm you when it pertains to getting your zzz’s on.

Foods high in fat, protein and sodium can keep you tossing and turning, while other foods can generally tuck you in in the evening. For an excellent night’s rest, have a look at this list of foods to eat and foods to prevent before bedtime!

Foods to Avoid Prior to Bed

Chicken is complete of protein, which is terrific, unless it’s bed time. The large amount of protein in chicken can slow down food digestion by as much as 50%! Eating chicken prior to bed can keep your body working hard to absorb your food, making it difficult for you to drop off to sleep.

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate contains caffeine, which is not something you desire to eat right prior to bedtime. The caffeine and the theobromine in chocolate both work to stimulate the nervous system. This can trigger an increased heart rate, making it difficult to go to sleep.

Spicy Food
Many people have a love-hate relationship with spicy food. If you like your spices, consume them earlier in the day instead of at night. Spicy food, no matter how tasty, can trigger heartburn. Darn you, jalepenos!

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