Keep Your Baby Happy and Quiet on Your Next Long Flight With This Genius Tip

No parent looks forward to their first flight with a new baby. However, whether it’s for vacation or to visit relatives, it’s just a fact of life now that at some point, you’re probably going to have to board an airplane with a child in tow. The younger your child is, the more difficult it is— enough so to ruin what should be a convenient, quick way to travel long distances. Don’t you wish there was a way that airlines could somehow help you out?

Well, in addition to the many in-flight freebies that airlines offer, it turns out that there is something that many airlines can do to help make your flight with baby a successful one, and Lifehacker is here to tell us about the incredible thing you can request on a flight to make the whole experience smoother and easier: a bassinet.

Some airlines – including United, American, US Air, and Virgin America – actually offer bassinets to parents for your baby to rest in during the flight. These portable cradles attach to the bulkhead walls, giving your baby a place to rest in comfort and you relief from holding him on your lap for the entirety of the flight. Plus, it makes things safer for everybody involved!

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