This Eliminates Your Pain In The Bones and Joints, Makes The Hair and Fingernails Grow and Also Fights Gluten Intolerance!

The egg shell is a natural source of minerals and it contains 90 % of calcium. The calcium is absorbed by our body easily, because its chemical composition is almost identical to that one of the teeth and bones of the human beings.

If it is consumed in big quantities, calcium can prevent the development of osteoporosis, stimulates the bone marrow to produce cells and helps us fight high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Egg shells also contain iron, zinc, copper, manganese, fluorine, phosphorus, chromium and molybdenum. Therefore, many experts recommend egg shells as an effective supplement of calcium and minerals.

It is recommended to consume 1.5 to 3 grams of ground egg shells a day.

Here are some ideas how you can use egg shells:

  1. To strengthen the organism and to clean the blood

Take five egg shells, crush them well and put them in 3 liters of water. Store this mixture in your fridge for 7 days before you use it instead of water. Drink two or three glasses of this mixture a day. You can also add lemon juice if you want to.

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