Cancer Boy Ran Away from Chemo 20 Years Ago, Is Alive and Well Due to Alternative Solutions

In 1994, Billy Best made headline news when he ran away from home in the midst of his struggle with cancer. This teenage runaway finally answered his parent’s plea for his return on one condition: no chemo! It was then that he and his parents began exploring alternative medicine with a surprising result.

After fleeing from his hometown, his intentional destination for his Greyhound bus ticket was California, however, he somehow ended up in Houston, TX. He was fortunate enough to meet up with fellow skateboarders who helped provide him with a place to stay. During this time, Billy had no idea that there was a nationwide search for him. Various national news outlets had been contacted by his parents, who were extremely concerned.

One of his skateboarding friend’s fathers had seen a news feature that included Billy’s story, about how he had left home after five treatments with chemo. After Billy heard this, he decided to return to his home, but with one catch: no chemotherapy!

With his nationwide audience, he had actually provoked many alternative suggestions that he understood he could choose from, and this was the deal he proposed to his family.

Billy Chose Gaston Naesses’ 714X and Essiac Tea

One person, Gaston Naessens had fled from France to Canada to be able to administer injections of 714X. Unfortunately, he soon found problems there as well. The solution of camphor, nitrogen and mineral salts is still produced in Canada, however, it is banned in North America. Watch the video on the next page.

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