Phone Rings During Her Wedding, Grandad Calls With News She Never Saw Coming

Weddings are one of the most important times in a person’s life. But when relatives and loved ones can’t make it (for whatever reason), it can be heartbreaking. That’s what happened during this bride’s wedding – her beloved grandfather couldn’t make it to her special day and she was devastated.

The ceremony and beginning of the reception went off without a hitch, but as the time for toasts rolled around, the fact that Grandpa wasn’t there really hit her. The toasts went on, and as they were about to wrap things up, a special phone call was made.

With everyone watching, the bride’s grandfather gives a heartfelt toast that she’ll never forget! After Grandpa hangs up, there’s not a dry eye in the room. His speech was one for the ages, and he made a point to be involved in the wedding – even if he couldn’t make it there physically! Take a peek at his toast for yourself in the video below! But beware: you’ll definitely need a box of tissues!

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