If You See a Purple Butterfly Sticker in the NICU, This Is Why.

An exasperated new mother was trying to calm her newborn twins in the hospital when she turned to the other mother in the room, who was sitting by the crib of her only daughter. The mother shook her head and said innocently, “You’re so lucky you don’t have twins.”

It was a seemingly conversational comment, one that meant no harm – but it broke Millie Smith nonetheless.

Millie, and her partner Lewis Smith, did have twins: a little girl name Callie and her twin, Skye. But, sadly, Callie was the only of the two who survived the pregnancy. So to hear this casual comment while she was grieving for her lost child was a heart-rendering experience for Millie.

When Millie and Lewis were told they were pregnant with twins, Millie was wary from the start. Although twins ran in her family, there had yet to be a set of twins born where both babies survived the birth. The couple was prepared for the worst.

However, this mental preparation couldn’t save them from the news they were about to receive. At 12 weeks, Millie and Lewis were told that one of the unborn twins, Skye,  had an incurable condition called anencephaly. With anencephaly, part of the brain does not develop normally. Unfortunately, babies born with the condition do not live longer than a few hours or days after birth.

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