The One Product You Should Never Use In The Kitchen. It Causes Lung Failure and Cancer

Most people who want get things cleaned around the house turn to Bleach, without being aware of its hazardous effects.

These days, Chlorine Bleach is definitely one of the most widely used cleaners. Some people use it to disinfect the kitchen; some use it to remove mildew and mold, and so on.  However, it turns out that bleach is actually one of the most dangerous products, due to the fact that it`s highly corrosive. As such, it can be irritating to the eyes, the skin, and even to the respiratory tract.  Apart from scarring the respiratory tract, it also damages the lungs and the esophagus lining.

Even when diluted, bleach is still potent to the extent of causing burns and irritation.  Bleach is especially detrimental to infants, young children, and pets, given that their immune systems are unable to combat harsh chemicals.  It is known to cause damage to the nervous system, vomiting, asthma flares, migraines, and extreme headaches.  It`s most dangerous when combined with vinegar or any other acidic product, resulting in toxic fumes emitted in the air.  These toxins can lead to serious, sometimes even fatal effects when inhaled.

It is also worth mentioning that bleach contributes to water pollution, too.  When it reaches our water systems, it reacts with certain minerals and elements to form dangerous toxic compound which take a lot of time to vanish. Doixin is one of the worst by-products of bleach which is widely used in our day-to-day activities, such as cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. This compound hardly breaks down and it takes many years for it to dissipate.  It is believed that dioxin is one of the key contributing factors when it comes to endocrine disorders, such as causing low sperm count, breast and testicular cancer, and ability to mimic human hormones.

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