She Gave Her Husband 1 Tablespoon Of Coconut Oil Twice A Day For A Month. You Won`t Believe The Results

Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are the most common ailments that affect people throughout the world. Unfortunately, the number of patients keeps rising, and health experts consider this to be a matter of concern, because the latest research has shown that by 2050 about 15 million people shall develop Alzheimer’s.

Dr Mary T. Newport, a neonatal practitioner, did a thorough research based on scientific data about Alzheimer’s disease. She found that medium chain triglycerides, or MCT, are the best remedy for this common disease. She also says that coconut is the richest source of these triglycerides.

Steve, Mary’s husband, was diagnosed with progressive dementia. At that time Steve was 54. His MRI showed that the disease was likely to progress and eventually develop into Alzheimer’s. Steve had hard time struggling with his disease.

He had memory problems and the problem went to the extent that he could not find a spoon of take his water bottle out of the fridge. Unfortunately, his problem did not end here. Steve went through a severe depression as well. Mary’s thorough research showed that depression is actually a indicator of Alzheimer’s disease.

What makes MCT so important?

Insufficient glucose in blood forces body cells to use ketone bodies. Brain cells require a particular kind of fuel in order to perform their function, and it is either glucose or ketone bodies. Unfortunately, human bodies cannot produce ketone bodies.

What does Alzheimer’s do to your body?

Insulin resistance is the reason why brain cells are unable to use glucose as fuel, which leads to their dying off. The bad news is that this process develops 10-20 years before the patient notice any symptoms.

Cells that are able to find ketone bodies use them later as a fuel and manage to survive. The same process develops in people who struggle with Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and ALS.

Patients deal with the same problem, and the only difference is that the disease affects different part of the brain or the spinal cord.

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