If you have any of these items in the fridge, you need to take them out right now

Do you ever feel like your fridge seems to be getting smaller and smaller? Well, it’s probably because you’re putting things you shouldn’t have to be putting. Many Americans make the mistake of putting everything they get from the grocery store into the fridge, not knowing that it will actually kill the flavor of many foods.

Here’s a list of what you shouldn’t be putting your refrigerator.

1) Baked goods

Storing baked goods will actually cause them to go stale. Counter-intuitive right? Keep food like bread and cookies outside to maintain their freshness.

2) Potatoes

Potatoes don’t like being cold. It turns their starches into sugar, which will ruin their flavor.

3) Tomatoes

Refrigerating tomatoes will actually turn them mushy and ruin their natural flavor.

4) Onions

Onions will lose all their flavor when refrigerated. Keep these guys out of the fridge for the best taste.

5) Fruits with hard seeds (Peaches, Plums, etc.)

Fruits need air and sunshine just as much as plants do! Give them some natural light to ripen so they can be as sweet and juicy as possible.

6) Whole Melons

Take note this is for whole melons, i.e. before you start cutting them. Refrigerating whole melons will cause them to lose their antioxidants, which are one of the biggest health benefits. Keep these outside of the fridge for healthy melons.

7) Apples

Keep apples on your countertop instead of the fridge to keep them crisp and flavorful.

8) Garlic

Why: The refrigerator cold will make garlic lose its flavor. Not to mention, your entire fridge will smell like garlic

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