She Took The Stage Wearing A Skimpy Outfit. When She Starts Moving? The Judges Lose It!

A large number of people are judged solely by their appearance, not by their abilities and intelligence.

This 27-year old woman by the name of Emma Haslam, who is a mother of a 3-year-old, took the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent”, wearing a skimpy outfit. The moment she introduced herself, the judges were immediately surprised to see her wearing a skimpy outfit, and getting ready to do something with a pole.

So she introduced herself, took the stage and immediately transferred herself to a pole behind her, making some incredible mind-blowing stunts and in the process, leaving the judges open-mouthed!

The mother told the judges that pole fitness made her confident with her body, and she is glad that the show gave her a change to present the world that pole fitness can be done for everyone, regardless of age and shape or size.

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