Man Loses 176 Pounds In Under A Year By Following These 3 Steps

If you’ve struggled with weight loss, don’t lose hope. Andy Albertson’s story proves hopeful for everyone who has struggled with their weight – as he lost 176 pounds in less than a year!

Three-hundred-and-seventeen pounds – that’s an intimidating number to have staring you in the face, especially when deep down you want to change. The thing is, Andy hadn’t always weighed that much. His childhood revolved around sports such as baseball, soccer, and basketball. But in grade five, his diet began to take a toll and he started to gain weight fast.The combination of being bullied and overweight led Andy to find comfort in food.

“That’s the cycle you are in,” said Andy. “You get sad so you eat to feel better and then you have eaten and you feel bad again and you eat again.”

Even into college, he would try and slip in and out of classes early to avoid being seen. Andy would tell himself, “’I don’t care what people think. It doesn’t matter.’ But…I hated the way I felt and looked.”

Andy’s journey forward began in January of 2015. Andy started at the gym for one hour a day and all he would do was use the elliptical. He almost immediately started to witness the results of his choice to get healthy. In his first month getting back into the gym he lost twenty pounds and eventually lost forty more.

Mental Block #1

At about the sixty-pound mark, Andy hit a mental block that stalled his progress but he new that “[he] had to do something or [he] would gain the weight back.”

Andy knew what he wanted (i.e., to weigh two-hundred-and-twenty-five pounds) and to some degree how to get it. It was his work with personal trainer Jerry Hughes, however, that seemed to cure those workout blues. Andy stuck to Hughes’ strict workout regiment which required hard exercises three days a week and cardio every day.
The first month’s results? Twenty pounds and over twenty-four inches.

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