Do Not Throw Away Baby Teeth!! Dentists State that They Can Save Your Child’s Life! (Video)

When it comes to treating type 1 diabetes, this process has been proven to be very effective.  A production of insulin is made when the dental pulp stem cells are placed into the pancreatic- type cells.

Note: You should know that the cells must be alive in order to be useful later, which means that the process of preserving stem cells can be quite delicate. You must take into consideration that the dental pulp needs special care.

Before the dental pulp is frozen, it should be in an adequate blood supply for 48 hours. Any less time can kill the cells, which will make them useless.

Dr. Peter Murray claims that the steam cells found in third molars, tooth buds, induced pluripotent cells, periodontal tissues and baby teeth can create teeth and tissue in the mouth.

Another informational fact is that there are services available for storing baby teeth. They recommend dentists professionally to remove baby teeth which are not dangling. If that happens they will not have much blood supply.

However, there are other services that provide parents with packages that are necessary for storing baby teeth. In this way parents are able to do the procedure by themselves. Usually there is a storage container together with a preservation solution that is necessary for storing the cells in home conditions.

If you want to get more informed, watch the video below!  In the video you can see how the dentist explains the importance of saving your child’s teeth and why is it useful.

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