Stop Throwing Away Banana Peels : 10 Ways You Can Use Them!


Banana peels are great for treatment of hemorrhoids. The procedure is very simple: rub a peel on the area for 5 minutes. For best results repeat the procedure 5 times a day.

Bug Bites

Rub banana peel on bug bites and thus you can soothe itching and calm the skin.


With the help of banana peel you can will relieve inflammation and irritation and prevent outbreaks. Don’t forget to rub the peel on the acne before going to sleep.


Due to the potent regenerative properties of banana peel you can accelerate the healing of the bruises.

Natural polishing

Utilize banana peel to shine the kitchen utensils, furniture, clean the dust off of the leaves of the plants in your home and you can even polish your shoes.

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