How To Grow Your Own Organic Food – Pallet Gardening is The Answer!

This year, we recommend you to try pallet gardening for growing your vegetables.

You will need a wood pallet, several seeds, and some good-quality soil. A raised bed pallet garden can be built in several ways. You will finish it in a few days, and there is no need to invest much money.

We will give you a few tips on how to start:

According to Mrs. Mavis Butterfield, new pallets are a better alternative:

 “Personally, I suggest using a new, clean, fresh pallet. If you live in the Tacoma area, you can purchase new pallets from Girard Wood Products in Puyallup, Washington for about $9 each. We purchased our pallets here for this year’s wood pallet garden.”

Yet, if you decide to use used or recycled ones, she suggests:

 “Look for a pallet that has HT stamped somewhere on the pallet. This means the pallet was heat treated, or kiln dried as opposed to chemically treated.

Because you can never be sure that chemicals were stored on an old pallet or that there is some sort of bacteria lurking inside the recycled pallets, I would scrub the wood down with some bleach and soapy water and let it dry out before using it to plant anything.

Also, watch out for old, rusty nails or staples.”

Raised beds are much more useful, as they reduce the need for poor native soil, as well as weeds, and extend the planting season. The roots grow easily since the soil is not compacted.

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