Our kidneys represent one of the most important organs in our body. They are located just below the ribs and have the function to filter 120-150 quarts of blood each day. We need to have healthy kidneys so that we can keep our blood stable as well as prevent buildup of waste in our body and some extra fluids. Our kidneys keep our electrolyte levels stable, but they also help our bones stay strong, produce red blood cells and regulate our blood pressure.

Our health can be in great danger if our kidneys are damaged. So, in case our body is experiencing kidney damage, we must know how to recognize the signs so that we can have a strong and healthy body.

Here, we’re presenting you the most common symptoms which could indicate that your kidneys are being damaged.

Upper back pain

Upper back pain is one of the most common symptoms that you suffer from kidney damage. This kidney pain is usually a one-sided ache in your upper back and is commonly accompanied by fever urinary and changes.

Kidney infections or kidney stones can be the case if you have spasms or severe pain.

Skin Rash

Kidney failure mostly appears because of the waste buildup in your body. It can cause rashes and itchy skin. If the kidneys can’t filter our blood and remove the waste build up, our skin will start to look dry, unhealthy and irritated. The situation can be eased with the help of creams and lotions, but if the rash or skin problem is caused by kidney problems, they can’t help and you’ll need an adequate treatment.

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