5 Ways Wearing Flip Flops Destroys Your Health Without You Noticing

A lot of experts warn about the dangers of wearing one of the most popular and convenient footwear on the Planet – flip flops. This simple footwear which often comes in many cheerful colors and interesting design can easily make you slip, trip, or misstep, without providing any support for your body.

Here are 5 reasons to stop wearing flip flops:

1. Higher Risk of Tripping

The loose Y-shaped strap on flip flops gives you almost zero stability. This means a higher risk of slipping and tripping than wearing any other footwear. Doctors report numerous cases of sprained ankles and injuries caused by wearing these unstable flip flops.

2. Wears Out Your Joints And Lower Body Muscles

Starting with minor foot and ankle aches, wearing flip flops for more than few hours a day will wreak havoc on your entire health. It can cause heel ache, stress fractures, shin splints, and tendonitis. Wearing flip flops for a longer period can even cause plantar fasciitis.

This happens because the foot ligament is constantly pulled when walking on hard surfaces without being supported by the unstable flip flops you’re wearing.

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