Did You Know You Can Heal Your Thyroid With Coconut Oil? Just Do This

Nowadays, the majority of Americans from various symptoms including constipation, weight gain, fatigue, headaches, brittle nails, loss of libido, cold hands and feet, hair loss, ringing in the ears, hoarse voice, dizziness, joint aches, sensitivity to cold, frequent infections, dry skin, and insomnia.

About 65% of the Americans are overweight while 27% are obese. Many studies have proved that an underactive thyroid is the underlying cause of weight problems, especially in women.

Coconut oil is very stable and saturated fat, and because of this, the body is not hampered with oxidative stress. Compared to vegetable oils, it does not require the enzyme stress, preventing T4 to T3 hormone conversion. Coconut oil is processed differently in the body and does not need to be broken down with the help of enzyme-dependent processes.

Taking in consideration that the liver is the place where damage from rancid and oxidized oils and the conversation of T4 to T3 happens, eliminating long-chain fats from the diet and replacing them with medium-chain fats found in coconut oil, may help rebuild cell membranes and increase the production of enzyme.

Even though further research on this topic needs to be done, there are many studies which showed that there are positive effects on people replacing polyunsaturated oils with coconut oil. For example, Donna and Sharon have experienced significant improvements in their thyroid health.

 “ I’ve started using coconut oil since September 2002, and even though you may think that this is not a long time, I have to say that it completely changed my life and the lives of my family and friends. When I started on coconut oil, my weight actually went up, but I felt so great! As a hypothyroid, I was on Cytomel and Synthroid for many years, but I was feeling worse. Besides using the coconut oil, I removed the soy, all trans fatty acids, and the refined sugar. I stopped using the thyroid meds since my energy levels were increased and I was having trouble sleeping. My only goal was to be healthy and I believed the proper diet and exercise routine will help to eliminate the weight. Also, I’ve tried to remove the coconut oil but my energy levels reduced and I do not feel that good,” Donna explains.

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