Epochal: Cuba Has Produced Cancer Vaccine For Acceptable Prices. It Cured 100 Thousand People, Among Them There Were Foreigners!

We all know that cancer has not been just a disease for a longer period of time now. It turned into one of the most profitable business industries. Pharmaceutical corporations, hospitals, retailers and doctors around the world make billions from the plaque of the 21st century.

Until the mid-20th century, cancer was rare, but now it became an everyday occurrence. 20 years ago, with very thin budget but with great enthusiasm, some Cuban doctors and microbiologists started a research in this area, and the goal was not to make money but to find an effective solution against the dreaded diagnosis.

The result was the world’s first vaccine against lung cancer – CimaVax, and medication whichhas a successful effect in prostate cancer, colon cancer and brain tumors — EscoZul.

In 2015 the vaccine was tested on 9,000 people, and over 100,000 were cured only with the medication — without chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Once a poor and underdeveloped country like Cuba managed to achieve victory against the biggest disease of the modern times,the huge pharmaceutical giants went silent. Instead of doing us good, they used cancer to earn billions.

What is cancer?

It occurs when a group of cells in the body begins to multiply “autonomously” and starts to destroy other tissues.

There are more than 200 types of this horrible disease, and the most common types are skin, lung,breast and colon cancer. Why is one group of cells suddenly going “crazy”?

I received my answer when I heard an interview with a Cuban doctor on their national television.

According to the expert, there are three reasons for the occurrence of cancer:

  1. Genetic interdependence,
  2. Lifestyle — bad food with GMOs, preservatives, artificial ingredients, lack of sport
  3. The emotional-mental condition is a very important factor – stress, more precisely the lack of stress and the failure to deal with it — apprehension of bad and negative emotions, pessimism and lack of satisfaction with life.

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