THIS Woman made breakfast for their children and kills them by a mistake we all make!Share this with everyone you know!

In countries like Mexico, moms like to prepare home cooked meals for their children and don’t like the idea of their kids eating canned food. However, things just don’t go as planned always, and the recent experience of an unfortunate Mexican mother confirms it.

Josefina, a mother of two, woke up early one day and went to the market to get some food for breakfast. She decided to prepare a healthy breakfast for her children. little Agustin (8) and Marina (6), so they won’t have to eat junk food at school. She made some egg and ham tortillas with fresh orange juice and breakfast was ready to be served.

The children woke up and she sent them to the bathroom for a bath – she was following her grandmother’s strict rules – you can’t sit on the table to eat before at least washing your hands. Josefina was preparing the table when Maria came down and said: “Mama, Agustin hasn’t come out yet and I need to go to the bathroom.” “Agustin” said Josefina, “quit playing in the bath and come out!” The little boy came out and his sister went into the bathroom. Her mother told her to hurry up so she can eat. At the same time, Josefina got a text from her husband, and it took her a while to reply while Maria was in the bathroom. After finishing the text, Josefina called for Maria again. Her husband was still sending texts while Josefina was preparing the table, and she managed to answer all of them. They ate well and were ready for school at 7:45. They arrived on time and Josefina went back home, but not two hours later she received shocking news

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