If You Have Magnesium Deficiency, You Will Experience These 9 Signs…

Do you know that magnesium is extremely beneficial to your health? — Yes, that is right! Magnesium is very important to nearly every organ, tissue and function in your body.

If you want to provide yourself with great health, it does not matter if you want to improve your basic cellular health or your heart health, you need to include magnesium in your everyday life.

You can weaken your immune system by having low magnesium levels. Besides that, various acute and chronic diseases may appear due to the magnesium deficiency.

Unfortunately, many people are not well informed about magnesium and what a proper magnesium level is. According to recent statistic, nearly 80 percent of the Americans have magnesium deficiency.

However, you do not have to worry because you can easily incorporate magnesium into your diet. In order to get more magnesium into your diet you should include various food sources such as grains, fruits, dark-green leafy vegetables, nuts, fish, avocado, banana and even dark chocolate.

However, this is a problem because these foods are not included in the typical American diet. Most of the American people are used to consuming processed foods, which do not contain magnesium at all.

The Reason Why Magnesium is Important to Your Health

As mentioned above, magnesium is very essential to almost every aspect of your health. Some of the main functions of magnesium are the following:

  • Provides your body with energy;
  • Helps promote proper digestion;
  • Helps in building proteins and new cells;
  • Enzyme activity, it helps enable thousands of bio-chemical processes;
  • Mineral balance;

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