Her Brother Died in a Car Accident. 10 Years Later Her Mom and Dad Tell Her a Secret on Her Birthday

There’s a tradition in Latin American families that the 15th birthday of a girl, also known as the ‘Quinceañera’, is celebrated in a big way. The whole family and friends are invited to feast on this special occasion. But, on the Quinceañera celebration of Monique Salinas who lives in Benavides, Texas, the US something extraordinary happened.

Monique had a brother who unfortunately died in a car accident 10 years ago. On her 15th birthday, her parents reveal a big secret to her.

Monique was only 5 when the terrible accident happened. She and her parents have had a very difficult time since then. They have missed little Mickey terribly ever since.

Although stricken with grief, at the time of the accident, her parents decided that their son’s death should not be in vain. Their decision was to donate his organs.

Having made that decision, they actually saved the life of a young girl they didn’t even know. Aubrey Reeves, who was just 8 years old, suffered from a congenital heart disease. Her body had already rejected two hearts at the time of Mikey’s death. But, Mikey’s heart was a perfect match. They had also given his kidneys for transplantation. Today, Aubrey is 18 years old and lives a healthy, normal life.

The whole donation process was completely anonymous. Neither did Mikey’s parents know of who the heart went to or whether the transplant was successful, nor did Aubrey know who’d saved her life. Aubrey’s personal details were first sent to Mikey’s parents 10 years after the organ donation. Then they came up with the idea to invite Aubrey and her mother to the 15th birthday of their daughter, Monique.

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