You Have A Morphine-like Painkiller Growing in Your Backyard

We are overwhelmed with pain, it is something that will forever be increasing given the world we live in. How do you treat your pain?

Big Pharma will preach to you that the only way to rid yourself of pain is to get hooked on their dangerous expensive products, but they are wrong. Have you ever heard of wild lettuce? Wild lettuce is a fantastic natural alternative to toxic painkillers and even can replace some anxiety pills.

You most likely have some of this growing right in your backyard. Some people refer to it as “opium lettuce” or “bitter lettuce.” It is a tall leafy plant that can have small yellow buds. It contains a white milk-like substance. (This plant is all natural and legal to use for those confused by the nickname above.) The ‘milk’ found in this plant is known as lactucarium and it can reduce pain just like morphine.

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