2-Year-Old Swallows Popcorn Kernel. 6 Months Later, Doctors are Forced to Pull Life Support

Choking is one of the leading causes of death in children under the age of three. This is a very serious issue that is taking the lives of far too many precious babies.

Before a child reaches age five they should never consume things like popcorn, grapes, or hotdogs. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, these are the most common items choked on. This story is heartbreaking and will leave you dripping with tears.

This young child passed away after suffering severe brain damage when she choked on a popcorn kernel. Yes, a popcorn kernel cost this precious baby her life. Because of this, her family is working to raise awareness when it comes to the dangers of giving toddlers things like popcorn. Choking hazards are real.

If you are a parent please do not close this post, you need to hear this. Mirranda came to her parents choking on the mother’s birthday. Of course, being parents they panicked and did everything they could to help their baby girl. However, by the time the medics had arrived Mirranda’s heart had stopped. Now, at this point doctors at the hospital were able to revive her but sadly the damage done to her brain was not able to be repaired. She was then put on life support.

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