This is How You Should be Cleaning Your Towels

I’m not going to lie, there are times when I pick up a dish rag, give it the “smell test,” and rack my brain, desperately trying to remember the last time that I’d washed it. And unless you’re an absolute domestic god or goddess, I bet that you do the same thing from time to time!

Because we don’t want you to be spreading germy nastiness onto your family and houseguests who use those towels of yours, we have turned to our favorite “hostess with the mostess,” Rachael Ray, to see what she has to say on the topic.

To get the full scoop on how often we should all be washing our towels, she invited a cleaning and organization pro by the name of Peter Walsh to share his advice.

Curiously enough, the expert starts his informative spiel by explaining that the towel itself has less to do with the matter than you may think! He says, “The issue is not so much the towel, it’s the wet, moist environment where there’s lots of humidity in the bathroom.”

Keeping a towel in dank places like the bathroom or the kitchen can end up leading to these two problems: 1) the towel may stay constantly wet, especially when placed on a hook and 2) the moisture can exacerbate unpleasant smells that may be living in your towels, even if they are freshly washed.

Now, it’s pretty disgusting to think about, but it’s also important to recognize the fact that harmful mold and bacteria can grow on towels, especially if they are being exposed to dampness.

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