Wash Your Face with Coconut Oil and Baking Soda 3 times a Week, and This Will Happen in a Month ! (Video)

These days people spend a little fortune on cosmetic products, including cleansers, masks, face creams, and moisturizers. Unfortunately, most skin products contain detrimental chemicals like phthalates, which typically go unlabelled. Some of the chemicals tested, particularly phthalates, have been associated in animal studies with altered pregnancy outcomes, decreased sperm counts, and male genital birth defects. While there isn’t definitive evidence for the exact effects in humans, these facts are definitely a matter of concern.

“The concerns that are focused around this particular chemical [class] have arisen from a series of tests and studies that have been released recently that point to significant potential health concerns,” explains Sujatha Jahagirdar, an environmental advocate with Environment California.

“There are industry trade secrets and formulations that for industry reasons are kept from the consumer,” notes Elizabeth Sword, executive director of the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition. “This prevents the consumer from making fully informed decisions.”

The good news is that it turns out that there are two inexpensive and common ingredients which get the job done naturally and safely. Let`s go over their health benefits first!

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