7- Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan + Shopping List – Weight Loss Program

This seven day sugar detox menu plan is easily adaptable and interchangeable to suit your needs. All carbohydrates are excluded during this 7 day menu plan including fruit. The menu promises no cravings, no bland foods or boring diet, no deprivation-simply rewire the way you think about food.



Breakfast: Cheesy Spinach Baked Eggs

Mid Morning Snack: Tamari Almonds

Lunch: Low Carb Cheesy Sweet Pepper Poppers, mixed green salad

Afternoon Snack: 3 hard boiled eggs, yolks removed if desired

Dinner: Baked Stuffed Chicken & Spinach, Cucumber Tomato Feta salad

Snack if needed:1/4 cup part skim, low fat ricotta cheese, 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract, a few drops vanilla stevia


Breakfast: Sun-dried Tomato Feta Frittata

Mid Morning Snack: left over Tamari almonds

Lunch: Left Over Chicken & Spinach & pepper poppers

Afternoon Snack: Raw Veggies with Spinach Dip

Dinner: Asian Turkey Lettuce Cups (minus honey hoisin sauce), sauteed spinach, mushrooms, peppers

Snack if needed: 1 cheese stick

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