Notice to Parents: This Toddler Rides A Slide In Park And When She Gets Up…Her Mom Almost Faints!

A kid who only had just begun to walk and run was injured after slashing her legs open by a piece of glass that was intentionally left behind in the children’s slide in Kitson Park, Torquay. A regular visit to the neighborhood children’s park turned out to be a nightmarish experience for the 2-year-old Demi and giving her mother Amy some anxious moments. Let us read the story to understand what really happened.

Earlier this week, Amy Smith took her daughter Demi to play at the Kitson Park. Both the mother and the tot were looking forward to a nice time in the park since they were no strangers to the park. It was a day when Amy could not see anyone else around in the park which is otherwise usually crowded. She perched herself in a comfortable spot from where she could watch her daughter play. Demi went to the tunnel slide which happened to be her favorite part of the playground. Only recently, she had learned to climb the rope on her own– an act of which her mommy was really proud of.

On that fateful day, Demi did what she liked best. On seeing the slide, she ran towards it, climbed the ropes by herself and slid down the tube triumphantly while Amy was watching her child. But unfortunately, all was not well for them. Amy became a little worried as Demi took more time than usual inside the tube after climbing in. Then suddenly the 2-year-old came out of the tube and ran to her mother bursting out in tears. Her back was fully covered in blood which started dripping down her legs and soaking her diaper by the time she reached Amy. Amy was horrified to find shards of tiny glass pieces still embedded in her tiny tot’s legs. She immediately rushed to the tube slide and found a piece of broken glass left behind by someone.

Although angry, Amy realized that Demi needed immediate medical attention. So the furious mother took her injured child to the nearby Torquay hospital. Fortunately, the injury to the kid was not as serious as it was seen initially. The hospital staff cleaned the wound and luckily the child did not need any stitches. Amy immediately notified the local natural environment services office. They performed an inspection and cleaned the slide off all the remaining glass particles.

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