Notice to Parents: This Toddler Rides A Slide In Park And When She Gets Up…Her Mom Almost Faints!

Demi is now hobbling around at home and recovering from the physical injury that the glass piece caused her. While the physical injury will heal over time, the trauma that this incident has caused in the tiny tot’s mind and the fear that it has instilled in her senses is something that will take her a long time to overcome. It will definitely outlast her injury. Amy is sure that the next time Demi went to any other park, she will definitely not be as confident as she was before the incident and that she would be looking at the slides with fear and apprehension.

For a toddler, the pain from even a small injury can be unbearable and for parents watching their kids cry out in pain can be agonizing. Amy wants to spread the message so that other children and their parents do not undergo the same trauma that she and her kid went through. In an effort to raise awareness in this issue, she has released pictures of her daughter to drive home the point that parents should be more alert in public spaces like parks and playgrounds which their children frequent and should inspect the play equipment beforehand, to avoid such unpleasant incidences from happening. She also reiterated that the safety of the children rested with the parents and it is their duty to stay alert and watch out for their kids.

Such play areas are spaces that are marked for kids to play around and for them to enjoy being kids. It is unfortunate that the world has come to a point where even such demarcated spaces have to be examined before each use to make sure no deranged person has done anything that could cause harm to our children who are just enjoying their innocent play time in the best way that they know of.

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