4 Ancient Japanese Secrets for Staying Slim and Healthy!

If you want to stay slim and healthy the most commonly used advises are to consume a lot of water and to exercise while you are on a nutritious diet, even though every nation has different opinion and ways on how to stay fit. Japanese people follow four basic rules in order to stay fit and healthy and they are actually very effective so you might want to try them out.

1.Warmth is life

The concept of warmth is life comes from the fact that we eat food to gain energy and it is essential for our survival. In the summer, we consume more fruit and vegetables because they can help the body to adjust to high temperatures and to refresh the body. As opposed to food which grows in winter they usually have more calories in order to keep us warm during lower temperatures. Even though it is much healthier to consume raw and uncooked fruits and vegetables, it is still important to consume warm food from time to time, so incorporate different types of food into your diet in order to provide your body with all the needed nutrients to be healthy and boost your energy.

2.A hot bath prolongs your life

Everybody enjoys having a hot bath. It reduced your stress, relaxes you, regulates the blood circulation and also it relaxes your muscles. Having a long bath often can be very beneficial as it can clear the skin, help with digestion and more importantly extend your lifetime. The best temperature for the hot bath is considered to be from 37.7 to 40 degrees Celsius (100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.


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