Looks like “Michelin”! Little fat girl born 8 months ago, weight 34 pounds!

Chahat Kumar was born in India, she is only eight months old, and reached 34 pounds of weight, almost like 4-year-old child weight, which makes doctors and her family feel very confused because, at birth, she is very normal, but in the period after that, the body began rapid expansion.

When Chahat was born, she was completely normal, and then we slowly saw her weight is increasing.

Her parents took her to see a lot of doctors, but it seems there was a good treatment/program, her parents said she had been eating normal, and if they did not feed her, she began to cry just like every normal kid at her age.

21 years old Reena is the mother of the baby girl, she explained:

Before Chahat, we have a son but he died, and then Chahat was born, so I care about her and her health problems.

Her Dad Suraj Kumar said:

This is not our fault, God gave us this, some people laugh at her because she is fat, I feel very bad and we are very sad. Our baby has serious over-weight problem and it is even hard for her to breath and sleep. Her illness confused our local doctors.

Unfortunately, her skin is also unusually hard, which makes blood collection too difficult, and her family does not have enough money to go to a better hospital. Doctor Sharma said: “This is the first time in my life See the case, but the blood test can not be done because the baby ‘s fat is too much, we tried many times, but her skin is very hard, we can not diagnose her condition.

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