6 Alarming Symptoms of Low Potassium Levels in the Body

You may not be that familiar with the potassium deficiency- but you definitely should. Potassium is a highly important mineral for the proper functioning of the overall human body. However, some symptoms of low potassium levels in the body can be alarming for your health.

As we have mentioned before, potassium is very important for the proper functioning of the muscles including the heart.

Almost 98% of the potassium resides in the cells, so any small changes in its level can have serious effects on the nerves, heart and muscles.

Symptoms of Low Potassium Levels in the Body

1. Constipation

Potassium deficiency can slow many bodily functions as well as the process of digestion. This can lead to some abdominal bloating and cramping.

However, this does not mean that only potassium deficiency can make you feel bloated. Make sure you control the foods that can cause you bloating.

2. General Fatigue

Another symptom of potassium deficiency is the general feeling of fatigue. So, you will feel tired not because of overexertion and overworking but of no explainable reason.

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