Feet Exercises and Stretches

According to the experts, foot pain is usually caused by the inflammation of the ligament that runs at the bottom of the food and connects the heel bone with the toes. The medical term for this condition is plantar fascia. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you have ever suffered from plantar fascia, then you already know how painful it can be. Plantar fascia is probably one of most common forms of foot pain which affects the thin ligament connecting the heel to the front of your foot, called plantar fasciitis. The condition is also referred to as plantar fasciitis. Most common causes: weight gain; athletes and pregnant women frequently experience this; people who work long hours on their feet.

In this article we’re going to show you some effective exercises, which can help you with this problem:

Take a water bottle or something similarly shaped and roll your foot over it.

Cross one leg over the other. Then pull upwards on your big toe and you want to hold this for about 15 seconds. Then release it and do three more sets. Then do the other foot.

Take a folded towel and you will use this like it is an an exercise strap. You just put the towel under the arch of your foot. Then pull upwards gently. Your foot should be stretched in front of you. Now you want to hold it there for 15 to 30 seconds. Do three more sets just like this.

Calf stretching is also great and very useful for this problem. Just extend your leg with a lunging movement and hold for 30 seconds. Do three more sets with each leg.

Useful TIPS and TRICKS:

Maintain a Healthy Weight

This way you won’t be putting extra weight on the foot.

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