Did You Know You Can Heal Your Thyroid With Coconut Oil? Just Do This

These are the most common symptoms that the Americans are experiencing: ringing in the ears, dizziness, constipation, joint aches, infections, hair loss, brittle nails, weight gain, libido loss, fatigue, headaches and insomnia.

It is a huge number of Americans who have weight problems, and 27% of them are obese and even 65% are overweight. The main factor that leads to weight problems is an underactive thyroid, and this especially affects women.

So because of this fact, it is of high significance to protect the health of the thyroid.

Coconut oil is very important for the thyroid health, because it is a saturated fat and it does not need any enzyme-dependent processes to be broken down. It is highly effective in the process of increasing the enzyme product and to rebuild the cell membranes.

Statements from numerous people, who have used coconut oil, prove the effect of it to improve and to protect the thyroid health. It has helped them to restore their life. With its help they were able to lose weight and be much healthier.

The best advice for this problem is to mix extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and butter, and to consume it every day in order to nourish the thyroid.

Also do regular exercises and eat a lot of cranberries and radishes. Also it is recommended to intake foods rich with iodine, selenium, vitamin E, vitamin B, and zinc.

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