How To Get Rid Of Water In Your Knee And Knee Pain In A Natural Way!

There are thousands of people suffering from knee pain. This common issue can occur as a result of many factors, including tearing up of ligaments, tendons, or meniscus. The knee joints consist of tiny amounts of fluids that are essential for a proper knee functioning.

The excessive amount of liquids can be problematic and cause pain.

As a result, you will have a swelling and aching knee. In order to reduce the swelling of your knee caused by water in your knee, you can try this natural home-made remedy we have provided for you in today’s article.

In addition, the following list of tips you will find very useful for treatment of this issue.

But, in case there is no reduction of the swelling, consult your doctor.

Each 10 minutes, apply an ice pack on your knee to reduce knee swelling.

Elevate the aching leg in order to allow the accumulated water in the knee to distribute over the knee cavity in a natural way. If you lie on a bed, put 2 pillows under the hurting

Quit smoking because this habit reduces the blood flow and oxygen flow in your body, making the tissue unable to recover.

The following recipe for application of a coating will reduce pain and eliminate water of the knee:


egg yolk

1 of salt


Mix both ingredients and apply the mixture at the hurting knee. Then, cover it with cellophane or nylon and secure it with a bandage.

Every second hour, change the coating with a new and fresh one. 5 coatings will be enough for one day.

In case your condition does not improve, visit your doctor!

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