After You’ve Seen These Maps, Your Image of the World Will Never Be the Same Again!

You will never look at a map of the world in the same way again after seeing the truth about the size of some countries.

Maps of the world are warped in certain ways to mimic the way the world is shaped, but this results in some countries being mis-represented in terms of their size.

Greenland is often depicted as being a huge, northerly country nearly as big as the U.S, but look at when it is moved downwards in realtion to other counrties.

If Australia was placed over Europe, there wouldn’t be many other countries left, being far away from many other land masses it’s often hard to comprehend it’s size.

When in place of Russia, the shape of Australia changes due to its position in the Arctic Circle making it stretched.

And look at Australia in terms of the size of America, they’re practically the same size.

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