You’ve Been Led to Believe That This Oil Is Healthy

Whole Foods is actually a business cashing in based on promoting health trends. However, they do not really pay attention to what`s actually considered healthy. This is the case with canola oil which they use on their in-house foods, but that does not mean that canola oil is healthy.

In fact, Whole Foods was part of the promotion of the GMO- Dark Act, as for sure will be signed soon. That is actually a measure disguised as a compromise and hidden in a different bill. That, in fact, quashed the rights of the states to label.

The GMO labeling law made by the Vermonters came into effect in July. Although the Vermonters made an effort just to create that law, now it shall be revoked by this federal law.

As a matter of fact, the labeling law is lacking genuine force and effectiveness, because it doesn`t even carry out the barcode system. The barcode system is being read only by smartphones. And in the meantime, it is likely to allow the pass of GMO foods because it has many defects in the meaning of GMO and what GMO really is.

So, thanks to Whole Foods for not helping at all. The Canola Oil used in their in-house prepared foods is GMO.

What is Canola Oil?

Canola seed or plant does not exist. It comes from rapeseed plant seed that produces a great amount of oil. As a matter of fact, the oil is not suitable for human consumption. Its purpose is mainly industrial, and it is much alike to the protection of motor oil`s machinery.

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