If you are experiencing these symptoms and you have an ingrown toenail, fortunately there are a few things that you can do provided it has not reached an advanced stage.


Treatment for ingrown toenails

Using this method, you can treat ingrown toenails yourself. Be careful and be sure to contact a doctor when in doubt.

1. Soak your feet

Foot baths are an important component of the treatment. They make your skin smooth and soft. If you soak your feet in a foot bath on a regular basis, this can have a preventative effect. Having a foot bath two to four times a week for 20 minutes is the most effective way to keep your feet healthy. Use warm or hot water.

If you use Epsom salts, the skin gets softened even more and it becomes easier to adjust the nail. Once your feet are nice and soft, they are ready for this method.

2. Use a cotton ball

Take a small piece of cotton and roll it between your fingers until you have a thin roll. Now place the cotton carefully between the nail and the skin.

If it gets too painful, stop and go see a doctor. Normally you should feel less pressure since the nail does not press into the skin anymore. Leave the cotton between the skin and nail so that it can grow out by itself. During your next foot bath, you replace the cotton.

3. More helpful remedies to alleviate the pain

There are also some remedies that contribute to healing and alleviation while your foot heals. These include:

Apple vinegar 

Dunk a cotton swab into some apple vinegar and rub it into the affected area. You should do this several times a day. The apple vinegar nourishes the skin and helps prevent infections.

Eucalyptus oil

A small amount of eucalyptus oil can offer pain relief and help prevent infections.

A slice of lemon

Cut a thin slice of lemon and rub it gently over the affected area. The lemon is especially good if the toe is already infected. Then you should wrap it around your toe with bandage and leave it on overnight. The acid in the lemon helps fight the infection.

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