4 Signs Your Body is Too Acidic and How to Fix it!

The body is a nicely balanced system of cells, bacteria and chemicals everywhere – from the brain to the gut.

And the simplest way to recognize that this balance is disturbed is to check the pH level of the body. And what does the pH level of the body mean? What is it? How to recognize when it is not balanced?

Here is the explanation.

What is it?

It is just the measure of alkalinity and acidity. These both things are very significant in their own manner. For example, the immune system needs alkalinity and the stomach needs high acidity in order to digest food.

What is its significance?

The scale of Ph goes between 0 to 14. Low levels means higher level of acidity and other way around. The neutral number is 7 – this is the number that is normal for the body in order to maintain numerous systems in proper environment for them to function. But it can often go in the level of acidity which can actually cause damage to the body.

Here are signs that show when the body is too acidic

There are many ways to find out your pH level, like measuring the temperature or you can also put some blood on a pH strip.

But it is best to know and check how your body is actually working.

1st Sign – Excess Weight

When your body is too acidic it increases the production of insulin and due to this the body buildup more fat.

The detox systems of the body are not capable of managing with the high amounts of acids in the body and send them to the fat tissues, where it holds up to the cells.

Other thing is that the metabolism needs alkaline environment to function properly, and in acidic environment it cannot function at its best and due to this it cannot burn the calories.

So if you are not losing any weight, this means that there is a big amount of acid in the body.

2nd Sign – Bone Weakness

The body is very efficient and clever.

When the body is too acidic, it searches for alkali from different part of the body and that part are the bones – place you do not prefer to lose its nutrients.

At the beginning, there are no clear signs that this is happening. But as it goes on, and when more calcium is taken from the bones for the problem with acidity, you will start to notice weakness in your bones, and also the bones will be more prone to fracture and increased risk of osteoporosis.

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